ISSN 1819-8058

Scientific and Applied Journal Vidnovliuvana Enerhetyka (Renewable energy)

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Department of Physical and Technical Energy Problems
Institute of Renewable Energy

Founded in August, 2004

Registered with the State Broadcasting Committee of Ukraine, registration certificate KV№9115, September 1, 2004. According to the extract from the Decree of NAS Ukraine, Jan. 24, 2009, №29, the journal was reregistered and incorporated into a new ''List of Scientific Professional Publications'' in which the main results for PhD or ScD theses could be published. Resolution of Higher Attestation Commission, February 10, 2010, №1-05 / 1.

The journal supports the open access policy adopted by the Berlin Directive in October 2003. Allowed free use but prohibited commercial use of journal articles. Referring to ''Vidnovluvana energetika'' is required when quoting. Submitted articles are not returned to the authors. The views and opinions expressed in the articles in do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the editor or the editorial board. Editorial board is not responsible for the information provided herein.

The Editorial Board is conducting an independent internal review involving relevant experts of IRE of NAS of Ukraine. The Editorial Board does not review the submitted material. However, it has the right to reject the paper if he last does not cover the subjects of the journal or becomes irrelevant.